Free Writing & Speech                Feedback

How To Start?

1.    Choose a document to read. You can choose a beginner, intermediate or advanced Word document. Do you have to prepare a speech, or require speech coaching? Please record and send your presentation and speech document to me. I can give 20 minutes of free speech coaching regarding your speaking.


2.    Review my Writing!

send me your writing, in an email, word document or pdf. I will give your free feedback!


3.    Please rember to click the record box, and open your computer microphone. Listen to your recording and re-do if needed. Once completed, please send the file  to Please wait 24 to 72 hours for a a free response. 

If you require immediate editing or speech feedback, inform me so that I can give you an appropriate quote!

                                Thank you


Radically improve your fluency in English


Jason at English Revolution has assisted the following organizations with English:

Serving Clients in South Korea & Abroad

Korea: 010 4078 5212                                            us anytime!


Canada Office: 1604 256 1141



Or contact me on Kakoa! ID#. TheKeytoEnglish

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