Can You Sing like Piko  Taro?

Make  Your  Own                         video or recording   Song  using  real compound  words!!!

 check below  for  full  list of  compound  words to try!

  • Orignal Music Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen
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  • PPAP APPLE PEN -Make up your own compound words contest!
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1. Use 3 other compound words instead of Apple, Pen, and Pineapple-I used fire, ball and fighter!

2. Play the PPAP Soundtrack up top.

3. Record your own video or record your own song-press click to record button to the right and send the audio file or video link to:

Or add



Example Lyrics

I have a ball
I have a Fire.
Uh! fireball

I have a Fire
I have a fighter.
Uh! firefighter



fire fighter fire ball !
fire fighter fire ball!

Want more compound words? Download here!

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