10 Ways to Grow your income While learning English!

Some English learners say that it’s hard to find the time to practice their English, but if financial incentives were an added bonus than it may be more of an attractive proposition to keep working on your English. How about starting a small business related to your English studies? So, here are some ways you can supercharge your English and grow your income at the same time! Okay? What’s the catch?! Well for the most part. Your time, and furthering your English development. Please note that some of these business ideas require appropriate licenses in various states and jurisdictions. *

  1. Start a walking tour for English speaking tourists.

  2. Set up an English Speaking Taxi Service for English clients. Must meet all regulatory requirements in your country.

3. Register for an Air B&B Service with your home and help teach foreigners about your country.

4. Set up an Online Store for English Speaking Costumers. Creating free websites using wix can be very useful.

5. Become a Tutor in your Native Language. Please check the link for more details.

6. Set up an English interpretative service business in your country for English expats. This could include assisting foreigners at a bank, hospital, renting or disputes etc.

7. Produce an English podcast , and You Tube channel as well as and blog promoting English services in your city, sell advertising.

8. Create an English tutoring agency in your country. Hire native tutors to study with children & take a commission. Make an online version as well.

9. Offer a translation services for businesses in your country that do not use English print or online advertising. Examples can include menus or signs. This could include websites and books. Just go through your local business websites and ask if they want English translations.

10. Do you have expertise in computers, design, code, website building or other internet related services? Advertise in the global economy and bid on exciting projects! These sites may be of interest.

The takeaways:

1. Don't worry about your perceived level of English. These business activities are designed to help you improve. The greatest artists, thinkers, musicians and experts have all put in 1000's of hours o master their craft. Leveling up your English is the goal. Working on projects that force you to connect with other English speaking people are some of the very best ways to do that.

2. What if I mistakes? This Ok. Make mistakes! The process of learning a language is by evolving and developing in environments that will truly allow you to grow towards fluency.

Making mistakes are part of the process.

Have any other suggestions please don’t hesitate to comment below!

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