The 3 Most Useful English Note & List taking Apps. and a few Others you may or may not of heard

How do you record notes? With paper, apps, PC, Voice Notes, paste it notes? Although it may seem common sense to take notes, not everyone does or uses applications that are useful, and others continue to use paper notes. As author Tim Ferriss says, “I trust the weakest pen more than the strongest memory.” Write something down, and you're certain to remember it.

So even paper notes are better than "0" notes, especially if you have to remember certain events or create action items for future events! However I do recommend moving towards digital notes! As technology evolved I finally came to the conclusion that it was better to keep track of my goals or and notes either online and or with an integrated mobile app. I have tried several apps over the years and typically favor apps or programs that follow this criteria:

  1. They can sync up to all your devices. You can open up any device like your ipod, pc and internet connection to input or review information.

  2. They are easy to use. Any planning note app that takes me more than 10 seconds to figure out would be off my list.

  3. They can send you reminders. Apps that can send you emails, text messages and on screen notifications are helpful so that you never forget to complete certain tasks. Many calendar apps-programs provide these functions as well including recurring functions.

  4. It’s not important for me personally but apps that have a social networking aspect to them can also be worthwhile as it can help motivate you knowing you can connect with like-minded individuals

  5. You can use them offline without an internet connection.

Here are some of best note taking apps!


(free) or pay between $ 30 to $50 for its premium features.

Remember everything! Yes, that’s the tagline of Evernote. Because, Evernote is not just a note-taker, it can be your note-taker, to-do list manager, reminder, read-later app, cloud storage service, or you can even use it to capture and edit photos, business cards, or anything you want. There are over a 100 million people using Evernote and it’s a must-have tool for bloggers, or entrepreneurs, or professionals, home-makers, or almost anyone who spends a lot of time online. Some of it’s coolest features on premium include, presentation mode-turning your notes into PPT like slides, email integration, web clippings and advanced search features. I really liked this app and it’s the most organized of the note taking apps, but I’m not prepared to pay for the premium features when I can get similar features with Google Keep.

Simplenote (Free)

If you want to go with a more minimalistic note app then you should check out simplenote. It’s biggest strength relies in it’s search capabilities. You can even search for various versions of each note.

Simplenote isn’t a replacement for robust tools like Evernote or Keep, but it's a useful distraction-free writing space. As Matt Mullenweg—the founder of Automattic, and owner of Simplenote “You don’t open a letter with a chainsaw.”

Google Keep (free)

Google Keep is my favorite note taking app because of it’s simplicity and it already fits with my favorite Ego-system on the internet. Yes, that’s Google! Keep also sends your files to your Google Drive if you want and you can record your voice and it will transcribed for you on Android*! You can also import pictures, write down list items and input information like an image file or hand writing a note or draw a picture. It will also set reminders for any note or list, either as a time-based alarm or as a geo-tagged note. So for example, your grocery list can be set to buzz when you are next in your local supermarket. Keep is defiantly a keeper when it comes to note taking apps!

(Most Calendar Apps)

Calendar apps are in a category of their own, but I find they are excellent tools for keeping notes and lists as well!

Using a calendar app that connects with your favorite ego-system like Google or Apple can be as effective as best note taking apps. Most calendars have task applications and reminders that you can record into them If you use them properly they can be effective note taking applications and for reminding you to of future events. I use Google calendar but you should use use a calendar that you are familiar with. One calendar application that I use on my device is called Jorte. Jorte is simple to use, connects easily with Google and is nicely designed!


This is not an list application per se, but I find very useful with organizing and gathering information.

The site is called: If this then that! This site integrates your all of your favorite apps like Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail, and sends you a variety of reminders between apps, social networks and notifications.

For example, you can connect the to the weather channel and have it email you if it’s going rain in the next 24 hours or you can have ifttt can also help you forward certain documents into your online drive like google drive or drop box, automatically you can spend more time on other tasks!

Do you use any of these apps? Please let me know what you think of them by commenting below or emailing me at

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