What Are your English Goals and Where Should you Focus? Part. 1. Prioritizing

It's the time of year when you need to look at your goals. Are you planning to lose weight? Stop smoking and save some more money? What about your English goals?

Setting your English goals are very important and should be the first thing you do before spending a lot time trying to improve your fluency. This is my first post on creating goals, tasks and tracking them so you can improve your English more quickly and efficiently.

This checklist may help you prioritize your English skills you to focus on based on your current needs and wants. In addition to low, medium and advance type English test placements-Knowing where you should focus is also helpful within the 4 competencies of English. Speaking, Listening, reading and writing

What competencies do you need to focus on? These 13 statements may help you on where you need to focus and thus help you form your goals.

  1. I am required to speak English abroad. Speaking and listening

  2. I want to get a promotion in my company but I need to increase my English competency. Therefore I need to improve my English speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

  3. I need to pass a TOEIC or ILETS test. Speaking, reading, writing and reading.

  4. I find it difficult to listen to presentations, movies or media in English. Listening.

  5. I have difficulties listening to English speaking people. Listening.

  6. I am required to communicate orally in English at my work. Speaking, listening

  7. I am required to teach English to small children at school or daycare. Speaking and Listening.

  8. I want to surf the English speaking internet and read and comment on English websites and blogs, but I have difficulties in reading and writing English. Reading, writing.

  9. I want to make English speaking friends and be able to have meaningful conversations. I can understand English but I feel less confident in my speaking ability. Speaking.

  10. I want to be able to teach my students or my own children the basics of English. Speaking, Listening, reading and writing.

  11. I want to create my own English blog. Writing.

  12. I want to translate my website into English, but I am not good at writing. Writing.

  13. I want to speak more fluently like a native. Speaking.

Now add the amounts for speaking, listening, writing and reading. The highest amounts should give you an indication on what you should focus on.

These sites can also provide you with some indication where you are with your English.

What are your biggest challenges with learning English? In next next post I will review writing SMART Goals and the best ways to track them!

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