7 Free Online Institutes to Study English for Free

Taking online course can be a great way to improve your vocabulary and increase your overall ability in English. Online schools offer 1000’s of English courses that are free for you to take and even come with certifications and degree options.

University of the People

Cost: $50 registration fee and $100 to complete a course examination.

First, the degree option. University of the People is an online accredited American University that offers partially free courses that that go towards an online degree. I should point out that the degrees are not transferable and the “programs do not lead to any form of professional licensure”

They offer degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science in English. If these subjects are of interest to you than it could be a great option. Working on a degree can be a real good way to add more skills to your resume while building your proficiency in English. This university also allows you to connect with other students online which can be important to building international connections. Why not work towards a degree and study English at the same time! You will need a 500 in TOEFL or 6 in IELTS to enroll. Please read further for free online TOEFL and IELTS courses. If you do not have a TOEFL or IELTS score you can also elect to take an English composition course from the university.


Cost: Free or by donation.

This online school offers free courses in the following: See their library Their SAT program is interesting to younger students wishing to apply to US universities and who want to score higher on the SAT test. . The school also offers elementary subjects that can useful to professionals and students.

Cost: Free.

OpenLearning makes great education accessible to everyone.

The platform is free to use, whether you are a school, college, university or an independent teacher. When I last checked there were over 1000 available courses happening from learning how to paint to developing gamification ideas for learning. OpenLearning also has a variety of English courses. I would caution that Openlearning is open for anyone to make courses so check out your courses critically and cancel courses that are not helping you out.


Cost: Free or add a verified certificate for $ 40-99.

EDX is an online school that offers certification a variety of accredited courses and even courses that can count for university of college level course. EDX has connections has partnerships with many prominent universities including Harvard and Berkley. There are quite range of English courses that you can register for that can help you with business,

conversation skills, or IELTS.


Cost: Free - $295. delivers effective engaging platform with a social learning platform. Similar to EDX. Novoed is affiliated to high profile institutions like Stanford University. Novoed offers free and paid courses that can range from free to $295. There are English related courses but they are mostly for English educators who want to grow their skills with regards to teaching. I’m currently enrolled in an online course called Using Communication-Focused Activities in Designated English Language Development Lessons to help me be a better teacher. This is a Stanford course and seems very informative and interesting. I recommend it, for your own professional development.


Cost: Free-or purchase a certification of completion. Ranges from $15 to $50.

You can also upgrade your account to not have to view advertisements.

Alison is a huge online school that has affiliations with Google, Microsoft and Macmillan. The school boasts 6,000 000 students and is 250 countries. The school has a variety of free English courses and diplomas including a diploma in English grammar, language and Literature. It also has Business English, Speaking and English Tourism courses.


Cost: Free-or purchase a certification of completion. Approximately $50 for a printed certificate plus shipping and handling.

Futurelearn is much like Alison with regards to it's business model. The courses are free but if you want you can order a certificate of completion. The English programs are quite extensive and Futurelearn includes IELTS prep courses, strategies for helping dyslexic students and ways of exploring the culture of English. It definitely a must see website for learning English content.

Online courses and institutions should be included in your plan to improve your overall fluency in English. There are many advantages to online courses. The most inportant one is studying on your own schedule.

The hidden advantages to some of these online schools are their interactive website communities.

Some online schools make it possible to connect with other English students for networking and English practise. Online Schools can be a huge part of your success to gaining English fluency with little costs involved. It's worth checking out.

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