5 Apps that will Skyrocket you to a new level of English

Smartphones are everywhere and now in some ways dominate our life. We are constantly using them to read, watch TV, communicate with, play games and even for learning purposes. Some of the growing trends in the language apps are: Gamification-(using game style rewards or points when you learn something new.)

Another big trend in language apps are the Peer to peer review apps or open source learning-which means that your online friends can review and make comments to help improve your English writing or pronunciation.

Some apps provide more sophisticated technology that offers an algorithm to analyze your sentences, grammar and speaking. Many of the apps I reviewed have a combination of these aspects including audio and video, mock tests and wide range of content that should fit your learning styles and needs. An important note! These apps are mostly free!

I made a list of (5) Smartphone apps in no particular order that you should consider trying as part of your effort towards keeping up with your English.

  1. Dulingo

iOS & Android


Dulingo is one of the most popular English training apps as of the date of this post. It offers a great colorful interface with nice graphics. Not only does It include a gamified learning experience that tracks your goals and progress but Dulingo also provides opportunities to review past words and expressions that you had troubles with so that you can continue to build your English skills.

  1. Memrise

iOS & Android

Free & Premium upgrade

Memrise is interesting in that it’s members create the courses which are crowdsourced. There are a variety of learning based platforms that teach other subjects including English. Memrise also includes a gamified learning experience and can be used offline.

  1. Learn English Grammar

ios & Android

Free and offers in-app purchases

Developed by the British Council this interactive will help you with your grammar accuracy. The app offers 1000’s of questions to help your practice and reinforce your English grammar skills. The British Council sports many language apps and is seen as leader in English Language studies.

  1. Learn English with Aco


Free with in-app purchases and supported by ads

This app is quite interesting. Essentially you will practice chatting to an American robot women. The app gives you guidance on what to say in real life conversations as well as you can listen to the phonetic transcription as you proceed. Aco will show you pictures to further your vocabulary and ask you many questions. It’s definitely worth checking out!

  1. TOEFL Preparation


Free but supported by ads

This app is not necessary gamified or connects you using social networks but I did like the offline features and the fact that it was mostly free. Once you install the app it appears as "English Study" on your device. The app basically helps to test your levels in TOEFL and TOEIC, reading comprehension, vocabulary and comes with a dictionary. My only gripe about this app is that it gives you some detailed descriptions-translations in Vietnamese. I would recommend offering more language options for other learners of English.

Spending part of your time each day when convenient can form and perfect way to improve and build upon the English language. I hope these apps can provide you with some great value in helping you grown more fluent.

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