3 Free VOIP Services You Must Use to Improve your English

What are the best platforms, websites and or software to virtually talk to anyone on the planet for free?

Yes we now live the most affordable time in the history of our plant to talk to anyone for free, and you should be aware of the leading platforms that help you!

This concludes our 5 part series on the golden technological opportunities that we should all be using regular language training. Let's recap.

We covered a wide area of topics from listening to podcasts to using e-readers, as well as the benefits of Google and using social networks and now we will look at VOIP! Which stands for voice over internet protocol, and basically this means talking or using video on the Internet.

There are several companies that provide VOIP services including Kakoa. Let’s look at the best and most widely used internet phone and video services around the world. In essence let's focus on the VOIP services most native English speakers are using.

1. Google Hangouts, is everywhere because Google is everywhere! All you need is an account with google an you can video chat with up to 10 people at once, or better yet you can create a live hangout broadcast and have 1000’s of

people watch you give a presentation if you desire.

2. Facebook , like Google Hangouts is everywhere. At present there are over a billion people registered to Facebook, and recently there was 1 billion people online all at once. Due to these numbers, there is a good chance that you can chat with your friends via audio and video.

3. Skype

Skype is owned by microsoft. It let's You can make free Skype calls to anyone who has Skype and non-Skype numbers require a small fee. It’s on most mobile operating systems and computer operating systems (including Linux) so it’s one of the best solutions when it comes to cross platform use. Also included are free group, video, and text chats should you need those. It’s a reliable and highly popular service and much like Facebook Messenger, there’s a good chance people you know already use Skype or at least have it installed.

Using these 3 services are essential in communicating to business contacts and to maintaining your international relationships. Although used by 93 percent of the population of Korea, relying solely on Korea's popular Kakoa will not be enough to maintain and communicate to international contacts.

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