Golden English Opportunities Part 3. Google

This is my 3rd report on Technological opportunities that are generally free and that can have profound effects on our language studies. One obvious technology that we all know of is Google. Google has been as the world’s most popular search engine and has evolved into a conglomerate of moving internet tools that in my opinion are the most beneficial parts of the internet today. Most importantly using google, by opening a Gmail account can help grow your English connections and skills. Let’s look at how can Google help you with your English studies and learn about all of it’s moving parts.


Google Search. This search engine, unlike Naver can search for more relevant and interesting topics that Naver may not cover. Over the years I have shared many interesting English topics and files with my Korean-Co Teachers and they ask me where do I find these English resources? It’s simple! Google search. Google search has a bigger reach than Naver, but on the flip side, using Naver for Korean topics beats Google, but Looking up English related resources is better on Google. The expression about how to find more fish in the sea is true. Use a bigger net. The same is true for searching on the internet. The biggest net is google!


Gmail is not necessary for your English studies but it does have many great features attached with it like, Google docs and Drive, Google Translate, Google Calendar, and Google photos-Google +. Google docs is a free office program that is easy to use and rivals Microsoft. I’ve been using it, along with Google Calendar for years and it does everything I need including writing this blog post.

You Tube

Google owns YouTube! YouTube is the biggest collection of video’s on the planet, and is a vital resources for language learners. There are literally millions of great videos that will help you with our speaking listening writing and reading. My same advice applies to podcasting, watch videos you enjoy, and if they provide meaningful value to you then subscribe to their channel. Want to find the very best English Training Videos on YouTube? Subscribe to my mail list and I will send you a link to 11 great English Training videos on YouTube.

Google for Marketing

If you are a business owner google and want to advertise to the English speaking world, google is a great way grow your business. Google offers business listings that is connected to google maps, a business YouTube channel and provides strategies to improve your search results. Google also provides analytics, and incentives via AdWords for business related sites to increase overall traction with the amount of people visiting their sites. Focusing only on Naver will not only let you grow internationally, but will also increase sales!

I have not touched on all the features Google has but understand that Google provides deep value to the people who use it correctly in terms of learning and marketing their own businesses. I would suggest to at least make an account and start learning all of the components of Google.

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