Golden English Opportunities Part 2. The E-Reader

My second part of Golden English opportunities that all language learners should be using are e-readers. E-readers are apps on your smart phone or tablet that allow you to read books, magazines and anything with text and pictures. I would even add the pdf app to the mix and as well as news related apps, and any other apps that allow you to read English. Of course the best e-readers are the electronic devices like the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook & the Kobo E-Reader. These e-readers are not hard on your eyes, offer superior battery life and have excellent features that make reading more exciting.

Why Use an app when I can read a paper book? Let's Compare!

Many people I talk to still love to read the old fashion book, but I believe that reading apps are more superior in almost every way compared to their paper cousin the book. Let’s compare E-Readers to books.

  • Reading apps or E-Readers are less costly, and save you time. Yes you may have to pay around $100 up front if you invest in an E-Reader, but the e-reader apps are mostly free and Internet is full of free digital books available. There are 1000’s of legal and illegal ways to access digital books on the internet. For example, Amazon has thousands of free books you can download-sign up below for more information on free sites to access E-books! Owning an E-books helps you to organize your books more efficiently. You can quickly review your books and delete the ones you don’t like. That’s harder to do with your paper collection, since it will take time to order them online and then once you get it, and you don’t like it you have to purchase another book, or you may just give up reading. Yes, you can go to a library but you may not have the most up to date books available or they may already be out, and of course it will take you time to go to the library. It’s better to access free e-books from the library than their paper counterparts, as all you have to do is click your mouse and there you go. No time wasted! Advantage E-Readers!

  • Reading on E-Readers, like the Kindle or Kobo are pleasant to the Eye and do not emit the blue light that other screens do. This can help you improve your sleep. If you turn off your computer or smartphones 30 minutes before you go to bed, studies have shown you can greatly improve your sleep. I have to be honest, I’ve not tested this theory out, and of course books also do not emit blue light and may even allow you to sleep faster because you will have less options. Advantage Books, unless you are using the e-reader like a Kindle or Kobo, and then it would be a tie.

  • E-Readers and apps can hold more content or books. And with cloud services on the internet, E-reader and apps are ideal. It does not matter where you are can access your books via Wi Fi, 4G. Books don’t have these abilities. Advantage e-Readers.

  • The E-reader has useful features that can help improve your English. E-Readers can use dictionaries, Search engines, cross reference features, and even a water proof option available in the Kobo H20 Series. One of the most useful features is the audio feature. When you read books or articles. The Kobo Turn on the audio and listen to the story as you read it as well. This feature will help you exercise your reading and listening skills which are important to improving your English language skills. You can also adjust the speed and gender of the voice-playback as well. Advantage E-Readers.

Reading is a valuable component to language learning and should not be neglected. I recommend reading around 20 to 30 minutes a day of English. This does not include skimming articles or browsing social media sites, or browsing through pictures but reading, novels, short stories, research documents, essays, news articles and anything that interests you. If you’re not interested what you are reading then I’d suggest deleting it and finding something that you enjoy. There are so many great things to read so don’t waste your time reading stuff you don’t like unless it’s a text book for school and you have to read it! If you are not convinced to try out an e-reader than keep reading your

books. I tried to convince you! The important take away is to keep reading:)

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