A Teacher's and Parent's Guide to English YouTube Channels for young learners 3-7

I was recently was asked to provide some feedback by a college of mine around incorporating English YouTube Video’s in Kindergarten. Over the past 4 years, YouTube videos have provided my classes with great fun and enthusiasm towards learning English. This is definitely important for young students!

1. For teachers and parents: Here are some guidelines and best practices with using YouTube videos for children aged 3-7

2. The video’s should have a music related chant, and have easy phrases to remember. For example: Super Simple has the song “Do you like ice-cream?” “Yes I do!

3. YouTube Video songs should be the start of your lesson, to warm everyone up and the content of the video should be related to what your teaching lesson will be about. Example Elf’s video song “Walk around the farm” is about farm animals. This will be nice way to start your lesson about farm animals.

4. Stop your video and quiz the children what they see or hear, or even to ask them to repeat the words or sentences from the video to help with their prununciation. Videos are a great tool to interact with your students by asking many questions!

5. Do not use more than 2 videos per class & try to find videos that will motivate the children to stand up and physically be active! Super Simple has great videos for this! Try the “Hello Song”.

6. Teachers-Don’t use YouTube-internet in class! It takes too much time to load and the children are not patient enough to wait while you look for the video or have to listen another commercial. Download them! There are many free YouTube download programs available. Try YTD Downloader, go to . Once on the site search for YouTube downloader and you will find several programs. I use YTD Video Downloader. It works very well for my classes.

7. YouTube videos are great distractions, if a child is upset or has a tantrum. Sometimes when a child cries in my kindergarten class, I will change my lesson plan for minute or two and put another popular YouTube chant video on. Quite often the child who was upset is now focused on the new video song that he or she likes. This saves valuable teaching time so that I can continue my lesson and end on a good note.

Here are my favorite English Video channels on YouTube! Please search these names on YouTube! If you have any more questions about YouTube videos for young learners please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Super Simple Learning, this includes Super Simple songs-In my opinion the best site for chant videos. They have great concept art, and very creative videos that all of my children love the most!

Elf Learning and Elf Kids Videos-are better for older children 6 to 8. They have a very good selection of vocabulary & phonics videos, as well as sentence building videos.

Busy Beavers have many great songs that are also geared to older children. Their graphics look a little strange and old but there songs are “catchy”. The In On Under song is a perfect video to teach prepositions.

Kids TV 123, has interesting motion animation in their video's that children notice right away. Their flying characters help keep our youngsters focused and engaged.

Maple Leaf Learning provides many types of puppets mixed with animation. My students have enjoyed Whose Ears, Tail and Feet!

Dream English with Matt is great site. Younger students 3-5 love to sing and dance with Matt! My little ones have enjoyed The Sun Comes Up! and Let’s Count 1-10!

Incorporating these YouTube video songs and with other activities like reading, writing and roleplaying are great ways to make English learning more fun and exciting for the young learner! If you have any more questions about YouTube videos for young learners please don’t hesitate to ask me at

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