Where should I Study Abroad?

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Learning English outside of Korea seems to be the “holy grail” of English learning opportunities. I disagree, I think there are 1000’s of ways to emulate the experience of learning English abroad. With that said, I do have 4 places you should definitely check out if your mind is made up to study English abroad.


Malta is Small Island in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Italy. English is one of the two official languages spoken and has a large variety of English language schools. Most of them are located in the capital La Valetta, Mdina or St. Julian’s Bay. Prices range from $1500 to $1700 for two weeks of English Training. This is incudes the language course, accommodation and Entertainment. Malta is an excellent option if you enjoy going to the beach and experiencing a vibrant night life!


Cyprus-located near Greece, is known to have some of the best language schools in Europe. Like Malta, Cyprus is blessed with warm tropical beaches and beautiful scenery. The island has state of the art language schools in Larnaca, Episkopi and Lomassol. The cost will be around $2000 for your accommodation and English training but does not include your travel expenses. If you go to Cyprus you might as well travel to Greece to see birthplace of western civilization!

New Zealand

New Zealand is located just south of Australia and is very popular destination to study English. English is the official language and most of the language schools are located in Auckland-New Zealand’s largest city. Prices are around $1400. This includes your accommodations and studies. If you want to practice English with the Hobbits & enjoy breathtaking scenery-then go to New Zealand!


Canada is the bigger country north of the United States. It's official language is English and French. Not only does Canada have wide range of beautiful places to explore and cultural venues to see, It’s also a great place to improve your English. Vancouver, and Toronto are your best bet’s to access top rated English language training schools. English language courses in Canada cost around $1400 for two weeks including our studies, and accommodation with a host family. If you enjoy the great outdoors and friendly people, then Canada is your place.

International Study Tips

1. Don't use your first language! This is the time to totally emerse yourself in English!

2. Try not to spend time with other people who speak your langague. The temptation will be too big not to use English. Avoid people of your same nationality unless they speak English.

3. Go have fun! Explore the night life and try to meet people from other cultures!

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