4 Incredible Websites to Practise your Speaking

What are the best online pc resources for practicing your speaking?

The best online language sites are the ones that will offer you interactive opportunities to practice and evaluate your speaking skills. Here are some of the 4 best online language websites that are interactive and will let you to practice your speaking by recording your voice onto the website using your computer’s mic. These sites are module based and primarily do not include online tutoring or online language exchanges, although two of the sites have elements of an online language exchange.


Cost: Free to start and then $7 to $14 per month afterwards.

Babel lets you practice new vocabulary and grammar through interactive quizzes. The dictation feature allows you can your microphone and improve your speaking.


Cost Free to use. The premium fee ranges from $7 to $14 per month

*You can earn free credits if you help others with their language.

Busuu has variety of speaking moduels you can try. In addition it also has a language exchange component and feels much like a social network site. It’s easy to make many chat friends who are keen as you to improve their English.


Cost: Free to use until you run out of credits. But if you help others with their language learning-you can gain more credits! 199 beans cost $2.29. is actually affiliated with Rosetta Stone and there various interactive modules to finish. It also has a social networking aspect to it like The modules focus on listening-speaking and reading-speaking, along with reading and writing. It allows you to record your voice using your microphone and you are given feedback by an expert English speaker or with the community forum. It’s your option.


Cost: Free to try and the premium section costs approximately $35 per month.

English central is a great site that uses a unique video based vocabulary training tool with over 7000 videos. The site helps you improve your pronunciation and speaking fluency using a unique interactive speech assessment technology called interllicoach which gives your immediate pronunciation feedback.

I will leave you some tips for online learning that I incorporated from

  • Know your level. If the lesson is too easy, you’ll be bored. If it’s too hard, you won’t learn. So know your level and be honest!

  • Know how you learn best. Find a website that will help you learn through your favorite learning style.

  • Use a computer or phone with a microphone. Many of these websites and apps have activities where you can practice speaking. You’ll need a microphone for that.

  • Find topics that interest you. When you use topics that you like, you’ll want to learn and listen or read!

  • Schedule a time each day to study. You need to practice often and regularly to get better. Schedule a set time each day to study English, like while you have breakfast or take the train to work.

  • Don’t forget to go offline as well! Even if you learn a lot with these websites, don’t forget to practice with real people as well!

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