Quickly Improve your English Speaking abilities with out Studying Abroad ...and you get Paid to Do I

Depending on where you live you may want to try starting English walking tour for Free-but you will accept tips-this is the business plan and how you can make money! This can work well with a friend who is as enthusiastic as you.

Where to start?

Advertise on the local English Expat sites, Facebook and International hostels-guest houses for foreigners in your area. Go to international hostels in the directory and send invites to the local hostels. Try making it on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. For example make it for 2pm, and make a clear meeting place that people English speaking people would know. You may want to start out side at a subway exit, or other notable areas. Send a fax, or email or Kakoa talk message and advertise a free Walking tour in all of your expat sites. You could also send emails and messages to all the local English hogwans. They may pass the info to their native English Teachers. Do some preparation and figure out where you are going to walk. Research and find out the history and interesting things to say at different areas of the walk. Write it down and take the script with you. Make a list of good restaurants and cafés that you will walk by.

Once you meet all of the participants, introduce yourself and explain you are excited to show everyone some great areas of your city. Ask the participants that if they have any questions about the city that you will try to answer their questions, but let them know you are trying to practice your English.

Try to Make “walking tour” business cards and hand them out to participants you get to know well. Inform them that if they have any questions about Korea that they can call you. This part is totally up to you, but it is a good way to network. If you are eager to have a regular walking tour then ask the participants to tell their friends about the free walking tour. You may also want to create a Facebook page explaining about your English walking tour, and invite people to like your page. ! If you are really “gungho” and want to practice more English, invite people in the tour to a local coffee shop afterwards and make more friends.

How does a free walking tour make money?

Please note. When you start the tour explain that it is a free walking tour but you will accept tips. Depending on how many people you have in the tour and where your tour is you could make some money on every walking tour! I have never see or have taken a free English walking tour in Korea but I attended many walking tours in Europe and some of the tour guides would take in 50 000 to 150 000 won for each 2 hour tour. That’s not a bad way to practice your English, and can even turn into a part time business-possibly full time depending where you live.

Should I be a professional or a Great English speaker?

No, of course not! You will make a few mistakes but it’s Ok. This type of activity will emulate the experience of going to an English speaking country and will force you to use your English without the costs associated to travelling abroad. Try it!

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