Tutor English Natives & Practise your English, while making Money! What is the Catch?

Want a make some money while you learn English?

Become a Korean tutor! So how would you go about finding English natives to tutor?

Start by doing a search for English expat communities in Korea. For more information please contact me and I will be happy to give you some great websites to look at.

So how do go about finding a Native to Tutor and how can this help my English?

First of all. Post a message on an English Expat website. See the list of English expat websites in the resource directory of my website (still being created)-so please email me.

For example if you live in Busan. Go to and go to learning exchanges and post an article that you are interested in tutoring English Natives in Korea. You might get few responses. Make arrangements to meet your student at local coffee shop. Do not invite a stranger into your home! Find out the going rate for tutoring and charge a little less. Please note that more than 50 percent of your time will be in English, because your students are going to ask you many questions about life in Korea and this will lead into other English conversations. That is what you want. Please recommend to your student to purchase a Basic Korean book for your classes. If you don’t like your “student” then make it your last lesson and find another student.

The goal is to develop opportunities to increase active conversation times with a native English speaking person.

Once you find a student you like, try to set a weekly schedule with him or her. Their commitment to learning a new language and their payment to you will be a motivational and psychological reason for you to commit on practicing your English at a regular schedule by disguising it as a Korean lesson. Good luck!

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