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3 Reasons Why English is the Global Language it is Today

1. It's Origins

The seeds of the English were originally borrowed from the Normans and Germanic languages, with several invasions, from the Angles, Saxons and Jutes. between the 8th and 11th century AD. English was called Anglo-Norman, and Anglo Saxon. The language was heavenly influenced by , French, Dutch, Latin and Ancient Greek, the Norse Vikings and heavily influenced and disseminated with Christianity. All of these other languages were absorbed and helped to evolve English into a resilient and flexible language that it is today.

2. The British Empire

The revolutionization of English language became a reality with Great Britain's expansion during the colonial age. English controlled much of the world’s land mass, ocean transportation routes and at the time had an evolved technological superiority in it’s naval and military forces. The English Empire quickly transformed English into the world’s language of business and commerce, due to the empires huge world influence.

3. America

Another major contribution to English’s success as a global language is the nation of America. This country’s industrial dominance, politics and luck help to take English to it’s next level. It took two world wars to change the US’s stance on its inward view on world affairs and they drastically shifted their policy to more of an active role in the international community. The rise of America’s economy also has roots in it’s entrepreneurial culture, rich abundance of natural resources and geographical advantages. The origins of America go back to it’s first immigrants who wanted to make a new change. American culture valued work ethic, creativity and the ability to innovate as a benchmark of success. Your last name, in contrast to the European “cast” system had less of an importance on ones success in America, and allowed more people to follow their dreams, and thus innovate. The American way! This new world was very appealing! The American government promoted it’s country as a dream and ideology. The world started to take notice and immigrated to America in the masses. The more Europeans moved to America, the more America prospered towards that of a superpower. American businesses became global superpowers on their on own and eventually America was able to hand pick very brightest in the world to establish it’s many of world famous institutions, in science, technology and innovation. American corporations had a competitive advantage by using English in a world already accustomed to the language of business. For more information about The History of English please check out our Amazon list of books to read.

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