A long time ago...


Jason began teaching and supporting special needs children in Canada in the early 90's and has focused much of his past career in human services, marketing, teaching and media content development.


In 2010 Jason and his wife Jihye moved to Korea to visit and decided to stay because their love of Korean culture and ambitions to change the way English can be taught. He finished his TESOL certificate in 2010 and began teaching in a variety of public and private settings in Busan, South Korea. Currently, Jason provides his clients in Korea and internationally innovative ways to improve English fluency.

Our Team


Our executive Team includes: Founder & Executive Director

Jason Beauchene


 VP of Training & Integration Services

Chloe Kim


VP of Content Marketing & Administration Services

Jihye Beak





Our Goals and Obejectives


Our goal is to provide the best training, resources, and integrated language services to Koreans inside of  South Korea and English language learners abroad. Our objectives are to assist families and institutes on how they can improve their English curriculum and achieve English fluency for their clients.

Founder’s Notes 


Jason believes that English training can be inexpensive if you are determined and are willing to be adventurous and explore new possibilities. This site is dedicated to providing koreans focused options on how to improve their English through various low cost options, as well as Tutoring. 

Jason Beauchene

Radically improve your fluency in English


Jason at English Revolution has assisted the following organizations with English:

Serving Clients in South Korea & Abroad

Korea: 010 4078 5212                                            us anytime!


Canada Office: 1604 256 1141



Or contact me on Kakoa! ID#. TheKeytoEnglish

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